Aurisept Tris-EDTA plus solution

Cleaning solution for the outer ear canal in dogs and cats

Boracin solution

Cleaning and antiseptic agent for prevention and therapy of otitis containing boric acid, acetic acid and surfactans.


Nedráždivý antiseptický prípravok s adstringenčným účinkom pre zvládnutie ľahších až stredne ťažkých otitíd a na preventívne udržiavanie zdravého vonkajšieho zvukovodu psov a mačiek

Calmipet gelatine capsules

Natural product with sedative and relaxing effect for handling an irritability and stress conditions in dogs and cats

Cerulyte solution

Self-cleaning agent for non-invasive removal of earwax,exudate and impurities from the outer ear canalin dogs and cats

Cevital water-soluble oral powder

Water-soluble oral vitamin product

Dermaprotect topical gel and spray

Topical dermatologic and antipruritic agents in horses, dogs, cats and exotic animals

Dermaprotect oral cavity gel

Cleaning and protecting gel for oral cavity in dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals that prevents plaque and tartar formation, development of gingivitis and stomatitis, and provides odour elimination

Dermaprotect otic solution

Antiseptic and humectant agent appropriate for long-term therapy,post-therapeutic and preventive care of healthy outer ear canal

Detolax oral emulsion

Laxative with softening additives for horses, ruminants, pigs, dogs and rabbits

Geriprim solution

Vasodilative, nootropic and geriatric preparation used in dogs and cats

Hexiderm spot gel

Antiseptic cleanimg gel with humectant effect used for prevention and therapy of inflammatory skin diseases in dogs and cats

Kaopectin oral suspension

Oral homogenous suspension with absorbing and protecting effect for handling non-infectious diseases of gastrointestinal tract in all categories of companion and farm animals

Laxafel oral paste

Oral laxative paste used for elimination of trichobezoar in cats

Menavit solution

Oral liquid solution obtaining vitamin K

Normaderm oral oil solution

Nutritional and dietary supplement containing essential fatty acids that supports healthy look of skin,fur and skin formation in dogs and cats, and maintains health condition in allergic patients

Normaderm paw protect balm

Protective ointment used for paw and pad regeneration

Otibac solution

Antiseptic and calming solution used for long-term therapy and prevention of outer ear canal in dogs and cats

Phytolergan oral suspension

Natural nutritional supplement with imunomodulating and antioxidative effect used for enhancement and support of imune system, its regeneration and maintaining health conditions in allergic patients.

Proactiv reconvalescent oral solution

Dietary supplement for animals with increased activity to normalise and repair muscle metabolism before, during and after excessive physical load

Progentin water-soluble powder

Oral stomachic, ruminative and digestive preparation used in ruminants, pigs and dogs

Rehypet water-soluble powder

Rehydratation and empowering preparation used in dogs and cats regulating disproportion of electrolytes and liquids deficit in organism due its increased consumption

Surgilan solution

Local dermatologic solution used for cleaning, covering, hydration and acceleration of wound healing

Tendovet topical gel

Antiinflammatory, analgetic preparation, rubefaciens and resorbens used locally in pets and horses


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