Veterinary cosmetic preparation with antiinflammatory, antiseptic and decongestive effect on mammary gland in companion and farm animals

Form of medicament: Ointment of white colour used in cattle, small ruminants, horses , dogs and cats that protects the mammary gland and joints. Composition: Effective substance: camphora 5,0mg, Laevomenthole 0,75mg, methyl salicylate 2,5mg.Excipiens: menthol oil, rosemarine oil, eucalyptus oil, carbomere 940, paraffine, polysorbate 80, stearine, glycerol, aethlyalcohol, BHT,methylparabene, propylparabene, demineralised sterilised water. Clinical information: Ointment for large and small animals with antiflogistic, antiseptic and decongestive action that protects the skin of mammary gland after milking and protects against external impacts (moisture, frost, sunlight, wind, disinfectants). Reduces oedema, inflammation and helps with regeneration of tissue.The product is appropriate for local prevention and treatment of mastitis, , supports wound healing, burst, burned or itsching skin, skin after insect bites,abscess, contusion, haematoma, phlegmona, phlebitis, periphlebitis but also for joint inflammation (bursitis, tendophlebitis, tendovaginitis), dystorsion and luxation. Dosing and way of application: Apply to affected skin 2-3 times a day and massage. Small animals 1-2ml of the product apply on the mammary gland. After milking apply the product in dairy cows 8-10ml and for sheeps and goats apply 2-4ml on the mammary gland and massage.
Precautions: The product is suitable for long-term and regular therapy. It does not contain any antibacterial substances, chemical substances or colorants and therefore does not influence quality of milk. Do not apply in the area of milk ducts and before weaning. Storage: The product should be stored at temperature 15°C, protected from the frost and direct sunlight.
Packaging: 500ml, 1 kg in plastic bucket. Only for animals. Without veterinary prescription.