Oral liquid solution obtaining vitamin K

Form of medicament: Oral solution of yellowish to orange-yellow colour used in large and small animals with coagulating action. Composition: Effective substance: menadiolum (Vitamin K3) 20mg in 1ml of veterinary product. Clinical information: Oral solution with coagulating action that serves as an antidote for treatment of animals with coumarine intoxication and helps with treatment of haemorrhagic syndrome accompanied by internal bleeding. This product can be used for prevention of hypocoagulation caused by hypovitaminosis K,for treating of intestinal diseases caused by malabsorbtion,as prevention of mother and fetus before parturition or for hypocoagulation while treating with sulphonamides, antibiotics or salicylates. Dosing and way of application: Peroral application. Bleeding prevention 1ml per 50kg weight. Poultry: 2,5-5ml per 100kg weight in poltry- raising. Mammals: 2-4ml per 100kg weight. Exotic animals: 1-2 dropps in 100ml of drinking water. Dogs and cats: in case of intoxication of coumarine 1ml per 20kg weight. Precautions: While application do not combine with other oral solution. Storage: The product should be stored at temperature 15-25°C, protected from direct sunlight. Packaging: 25ml, 50ml in dark glass bottle. Only for animals. Without veterinary prescription.