Natural nutritional supplement with imunomodulating and antioxidative effect used for enhancement and support of imune system, its regeneration and maintaining health conditions in allergic patients.

Form of mediament: Oral suspension of yellowish to light brown color used in dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals. Composition:Effective substance: Beta 1,3-1,6 D-glucan 10mg, standardized dry extract of Echinacea purpurea 15 mg, standardized extract of Glycirrhiza glabra 7,5 mg, ascorbic acid 5 mg, zinc 0,57 mg. Excipiens: citric acid, benzoic acid, trisodium citrate, sterilized purified water ad 1ml Clinical information: Veterinary preparation used for stimmunlation of immune system containing natural glucan , phyto extracts, ascorbic acid and zinc that potentionate effect of glucan. With their immunomodulating effect can activate mechanism of immune system and activate cells of immune system ( macrophages, NK cells and neutrophiles) that ensure destruction of foreign substances in the body that cause severe disorders in the body function (bacteria,virus, toxins, muttated cells). Glucan and Echinacea have immunostimulating effect.Echinacea stimulates interferons, production and activity of phagocytes. Alcaloid glycirrhizin has steroid effect and stimulates steroid production in the body. As a result is significant decrease of inflammation, itching and scaling. It has also antimicrobial effect and participates in immune system stinulation.It supports skin regeneration and repair process of organism, wound healing, nonhealing skin leasions and various ulcerative disease. It has stimulating and supporting effect during antimicrobial therapy. It inhibits free radicals and works as an antioxidant. It has an influence on haemopoetic activity of bone marrow and stimulates cells with anticarcinogenic effect (NK cells, cytotoxic T-lymphocytes). The product is appropriate for treatment of allergy diseases such as atopic, food and flea bite allergy. Precautions: In severe cases with - first 3-7 days double dosage. Medication is given until visible improvement in clinical signs (usually 2 weeks). Shake the bottle before use! Do not treat gravid or lactating animals! Dosing and way of application: Peroral application. Dogs- large breed : 1ml/5kg Dogs- medium, small breed and cats: 2 ml/5kg Horse: 1ml/ 10kg Packaging: 150 ml in dark glass bottle. Only for animals. Without veterinary presciption.