Nutritional supplement with imunostimulating and antioxidative effect for enhancement and support of imune system and its regeneration in all categories of domestic animals

Form of medicament: Liquid suspension of yellowish colour used in large and small animals that supports the immune system. Composition: Effective substance:Beta 1,3-1,6 D- glucane 10mg, Acid ascorbic 5mg, Zink 0,57mg. Excipiens: citric acid, benzoic acid, citric trisodium (regulator of acidity), demineralized sterilised water. Clinical information: Oral suspension containing beta glucane that is potentiated by zinc and ascorbic acid. It supports regeneration and reparation of the animal to prevent infection after surgery,wound healing, stimulation of non-healing wounds and ulceration, cell activation of immune system (neutrophiles, macrophages, NK killers) which provide destruction of antigens (bacteria, virus, toxins, mutated cells) that cause serious disorders of the organism. The product stimulates an immune system especially in diseases caused by microorganisms (bacterial, viral, mycotic, parasitic diseases). It supports antibacterial and post-operative therapy, therapy in oncologic patients and shortens reconvalescency. It influences haemopoetic activity of bone marrow. Precautions: Shake the bottle before use! Use the bottle until 30 days after opening. In severe cases may be applied double dosage (3-7 days). Suitable for long-term treatment. Dosing and way of application: Peroral application. Horse, cattle 1ml per 10kg weight. Sheep, goat, pig 1ml per 5kg weight. Cat, dog 2ml per 5kg weight. Storage: The product should be stored at temperature not above 15°C in frost, protected from direct sunlight. Packaging: 150ml, 1l in dark glass bottle. Only for animals. Without veterinary prescription.