Oral homogenous suspension with absorbing and protecting effect for handling non-infectious diseases of gastrointestinal tract in all categories of companion and farm animals

Form of medicament: White to yellowish oral suspension used in large and small animals. Composition: Effective substance: kaoline 200mg, bentonite 20mg, pectine 5mg in 1 ml of veterinary preparation. Excipiens: glycerol, citric acid, methylparabene, propylparabene, demineralized sterilised water. Clinical information: This product contains kaoline and bentonite which are very effective intestinal absorbents.Kaopectin is ideal for gastrointestinal diseases as colitis, enteritis, disentery, diarrhea and alimentary intoxications. It helps in treatment of diarrhea and has also anticonvulsant effect. Dosing and way of application: Peroral application. Horses, cattle 200-400ml. Foals, calves 100-200ml. Sheeps, goats 150ml. Sows 1-1,5ml of live weight. Cats and dogs 1-2ml per kg. Gnawers and ferrets 0,5-2 ml. Small exotic birds 1-5 drops. Medium parrots, pigeons 5-10 drops. Apply every 4 - 6 hours during 2- 3 days. In young animals use with rehydration solution ( Glucolyte plv. sol. , or Rehypet plv. sol.). Precautions: Shake the bottle before use! It is not appropriate to use for long-term treatment. Use until 30 days after opening. Storage: The product should be stored at temperature 15-25°C, protected from the frost. Packaging: 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1l, 5l. Only for animals. Without veterinary prescription.