Our company ANIMED s.r.o. is a young, dynamically developing company focusing on the production and distribution of veterinary drugs and preparations. We are located in the historical town Zvolen, in Central Slovakia. We brought to market our first products in June 2012. We gradually expanded our range and today we have approximately 40 veterinary drugs and preparations.

ANIMED  s.r.o. Since 2013, we have had an international GMP Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (Certificate of GMP compliance of a manufacture). The most important priority of our company is research and development. We develop our products in the way of "veterinarians by veterinarians", resp. "To assist veterinary practice". Our philosophy is to offer effective innovative solutions for veterinarians to protect health and maintain animal welfare. We think that the veterinarian is and should remain the dominant authority for meeting or defending the requirements and expectations of pet owners and breeders. Our activities are primarily aimed for protecting and strengthening the health of our four-legged patients while respecting their physiological needs in accordance with the specific differences of each individual.

Livestock, horses, dogs, cats, or various exotic "creatures" do not always have the same needs or requirements, therefore we try to look at their physiological differences in every respect while choosing and compiling our products. At the same time, we try to gradually fill the gaps in a wide range of needs and thus gradually offer a complete range of products for dealing with specific nosological issues. We will be happy if we can gradually offer comprehensive and unambiguous solutions for the problems that veterinarians and pet owners are struggling with. We use only quality and proven raw materials for the production of our products in order to minimize possible side effects. We will be happy if our work is favorably accepted and contributes to optimizing the physical and mental health of our pets, but also to making the environment more pleasant for all of us living with them in harmonious coexistence.

Our targets:

  • if possible, replace chemical pharmaceutical raw materials with raw materials from natural sources.
  • choose the packaging material used for our products in a way that allows at maximu its recyclability, resp. biodegradability.
  • to ensure that the use of our products does not have any negative impact on the environment and to struggle against contamination with toxic substances.
  • by minimizing waste substances in the production of our products and preventing any leakage into the external environment, to adhere to the ecological program as much as possible.