Antiseptic and calming solution used for long-term therapy and prevention of outer ear canal in dogs and cats

Form of medicament: Ear solution of yellowish colour for long term therapy and prevention of ear canal used in dogs and cats. Composition: Effective substance: digluconic chlorhexidine. Excipiens: EDTA, tromethamol, propylene glycol, callendula extract, lactic acid, sodium hydroxide, sterilised demineralized water. Clinical information : Otologic solution with pH 8,0, that has cleansing and antiseptic action on the ear duct. Combination of chlorhexidine, that has great antiseptic effects, propylene glycol that moisturizes, and the extract of pot marigold that has anti inflammatory, calming effect and helps in acute and chronical otitis caused by bacteria. This product can be used in combination with other local preparations that contain antibiotics. Otibac sol. is non-irritating and ototoxic, so it is adequate for young animals and animals with sensitive skin. It is appropriate for prevention of otitis. Precautions: Avoid the eye contact with the product. Dosing and way of application : Apply and softly massage the base of the ear to allow an appropriate distribution of the product inside the ear duct and clean with the absorbent cotton. It is appropriate as supplement during antibacterial therapy. In this case apply antibiotics 30 – 60 minutes after application of Otibac solution. Repeat the treatment twice a day during 14- 21 days. Frequention of the use of the product depends of the disease, so in that cases it is advisable to consult with your veterinarian. Storage: The product should be stored at temperature 15-25°C. Packaging: 100ml Only for animals. Without veterinary prescription.