Cleaning and protecting gel for oral cavity in dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals that prevents plaque and tartar formation, development of gingivitis and stomatitis, and provides odour elimination

Form of medicament: Liquid oral gel of purple, pure to mild bleary colour for oral cavity protection used in dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals. Composition: Effective substance: zinc ascorbate complex. Excipiens: taurine, glycerol, methyl parabene,propyl parabene,sodium hydroxide, patent blue (col.), demineralized sterilised water. Clinical information: Mucoadhesive local gel used for dental care providing improvement and prevention of tooth plaque, tartar, gingivitis, stomatitis and elimination of mouth odour. It has an antiseptic effect for paradontal pathogens. It provides wound healing, regeneration and prevention of ulceration in gums and mucosa.It prevents gum inflammation. It is also used in cases such as post-operative care of oral cavity, for stomatitis in iguana and snakes, sinusitis in exotic birds and diseases of oral mucosa in rabbit. It is appropriate for short-term and long-term therapy. Without chlorhexidine nor alcohol. Dosing and way of application: Apply the gel 1-2 times a day on affected place with cotton or brush. In severe cases –long-term treatment. Precautions: Avoid the eye contact with the product. Storage: The product should be stored at temperature 25°c, protected from the frost. Packaging: 30 ml, 100 ml in plastic vial. Only for animals. Without veterinary prescription.