Topical dermatologic and antipruritic agents in horses, dogs, cats and exotic animals

Form of medicament: Skin antipruritic colorless preparation of watery and gel consistency used in dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals. Composition: Effective substance : zinc gluconate, d-panthenol. Excipiens: L-lysine, taurine, glycerol, methyl parabene, propyl parabene, demineralized sterilised water. Clinical information: Dermatologic preparation used in dogs and cats with antiinflammatory and antipruritic effect providing skin hydration, epidermal regeneration and protection from drying.It is used for dermatitis, small woudns , excoriations, incisions, outer allergic signs with itching – Hot spot, eczema, Feline acne , food and pad wounds or nasal follicular dermatitis. In horses it provides skin care for post-operative scars, excoriations, worts due to saddle, urticaria,summer acne (allergy after mosquito bite), other allergic leasions, local thermic, chemical or radiac damage. In exotic animals it applies on skin lesions, wounds from ripped out feather, wounds and lesions of the beak, Bumblefoot, mechanic and thermic damage. It supports antibacterial and corticosteroid therapy and reduces their application to prevent their side effects. Dosing and way of application: Apply to cleared, dried, affected surface of the skin1-2 times a day. Use during 7 days and if the condition is not improved consult with your veterinarian. Precautions: For external use only. Avoid the eye contact with the product. Storage: The product should be stored at temperature not above 25°C, protected from the frost. Packaging: 50ml,100ml,150 ml in plastic bottle. Only for animals. Without veterinary prescription.