Acaricidal agent used for diagnostics and treatment of bee varoosis

Composition: Acidum oxalicum dihydricum 875 mg in 1g of preparation. Additives: mixture of essential oils, silica coloidalis anhydrica, dextrose monohydrate Form od medicament:white water soluble powder with specific aroma Animal species: honey bee ( Apis mellifica) Clinical information: Oxalic acid has acaricidal effect for Varroa destructor mainly by significant adjustmemt of pH values. It has an effect out of bee organism based on natural ingredients that do not influence the quality of honey. After application the preparation makes small drops which do not stick on soft hair occuring on the surface of the bee organism. By this is activated cleaning instinct and the bees clean out the cells with dead larvae. Etheric oils occuring in preparation cause the change of smell in the enviroment. Mites perceive this condition as a change of own source of food and leave the host. They fall onto bottom of the hives and die there. Death of mites does not cause any chemical components that change the enviroment in the hive. Indication: Therapy and prevention of bee varoosis. Varroa destructor parasites on honey bee (Apis mellifica). Varoxal powder liquidates mites and its stages of development in bees and cells of foetus. Dosing: The most appropriate time of application is in late afternoon hours when the majority of bees are occuring in the hives. All amount of the sack mix with prepared sugar syrup ( water:sugar = 1:1, cca 300g of sugar and 300g of water = 500 ml of syrup) and dissolve in following ratio: - 35g sack = 500ml of syrup for 10 hives - 175g of sack = 2,5l of syrup for 50 hives - 350g of sack = 5l of syrup for 100 hives Apply cca 5ml by syringe into gap between frames. Maximum dose is 50ml for 1 hive. Usually is enough to apply 2 / per year (in winter or seasonal spring / autumn).
Hive application: 1) spring time during the first laying of pollen 2) July-August while taking the honey 3) November-December in case that the temperature is above 0 ͦC . By this we got rid of last mites in the hive that could parasite other 6 months. Test control can be done anytime during the year , counting winter sleep. Kontraindication: The preparation does not cause any side effect on hives, bee foetus neither bee mothers. Precautions: Use the gloves while application of the preparation. Oxalic acid can not penetrate through the wax, so it can not liquidate the mites in the foetus. It means, the presence of the foetus can decrease the effct of the preparation. Do not apply with other acaricidal preparations.Use the product until 24 hours after opening. Packaging: 35g, 175g, 350g Only for animals. Without veterinary prescription.