Oral laxative paste used for elimination of trichobezoar in cats

Composition: white vaseline, mineral oil, cod liver oil,glucose-fructose syrup,molasses,xanthan gum, benzoan natrium( konservating substance), BHT (antioxidant), aromas, demineralized sterilised water Description: oil suspension of light brown colour Animal species: Cats Indication: Nutritional supplement in form of oral paste to remove clumps of fur and trichobezoars from the digestive tract of cats. Dosing and Way of application: Peroral, at the time of feeding. Treatment: ½ -1 spoon daily per 3-4 days. Prevention: ¼- ½ spoon 2-3 x per week. Direct aplication into mouth. It is appropriate for long term use. Packaging: 100g Storage : At the temperature 15-25 ͦC, protected from the direct sunlight. Use the product until 60 days after opening. Only for animals. Without veterinary prescription.