Chemoterapeutic preparation for treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in poultry, turkeys, rabbits, pheasants, pasteurellosis and salmonelosis poultry

Form of medicament: Soft oral powder for oral suspension of yellowish colour used in poultry, turkeys, pheasants and rabbits. Composition: Effective substance - natric sulfaclozine 300 mg in 1g Excipiens: Sacharosis. Clinical information: Chemotherapeutic product used for treatment and prevention of Coccidiosis in poultry, turkeys, pheasants and rabbits caused by Eimeria acervulina, E. nicatrix, E. maxima, E. tenella and E. brunetti, of Pasteurelosis and Salmonelosis in poultry. As a contraindication can occur changed function of kidney with water retention,damaged liver parnechyma with granulocytopenia. Comparing with other sulfonamides it does not cause haemorrhagic syndrom. Product should not be used concurrently with a local anesthetic of procaine type. Precautions: Animals have to drink only medicated water while treating that must be daily changed. People sensitive to sulfonamides can occur skin and eye irritation, alergic reaction may be present. Irritated places is necessary to rinse with water and soup. Eye irritation is necessarry to rinse every 15 minutes. In the case of incidental ingestion,inhalation or eye contact should be provided medical aid. People should use protecting gloves while handling medicament. Medicament is not recommended in pregnancy and lactation period of rabbits. Medicament mixed with water should be consumed immediately. Dosing and way of application: 1-2 g/1 liter of water or 2g of feed, mild infection of coccidiosis- 1g/1 liter of water, coccidiosis caused by E. tenella and E. nicatrix – 1,5-2g/ 1 liter of water or 2g of feed. Overdosing can cause haemorrhagic syndrom. Storage:The product should be stored at temperature 25°C, in dry place protected from direct sunlight. Packiging:10g, 20g, 50g, 250g and 1kg in vacuum metallized sack. Only for animals. Only with veterinary prescription.