Therapeutic and preventive preparation used for diarrheal diseases of calves in first days of life

Form of medicament: Oral powder suspension of light yellow colour used in calves. Composition: Effective substance - Tetracycline hydrochloride 750 mg, bovine immunoglobulines 500 mg, retinol, ergocalciferol, tocoferol. Excipiens: calcium gluconate, disodium phosphate and glucosis. Clinical information:Medicament is applied in the rearing animals with high mortality of newborn calves due to intestinal infections caused by the germs of Escherichia coli. Dosing and way of application:Peroral application.The content of the pack (25 g) dissolves in 200 ml of colostrum, tea or water heated up to 25-30ºC to make homogenous suspension without sediment.Prepared suspension is needed to consume immediately.Preventive and treating effect of medicament is used in newborn calves until 24h. Overdosing: Medicament does not show any subacute neither chronic toxicity while oral application occurs in suggested therapeutical doses. Precautions: Medicament is not contraindicated,there is no side effect, but might occur secondary resistance. It should not be combined with penicillin. People handling the medicament should use protecting clothing, latex gloves and protecting glasses. In the case of skin contact with medicament , rinse affected place with water. In the case of irritated skni, incidental ingestion or inhalation, seek medical aid. Wash the hands after using medicament. People sensitive to tetracycline should avoid the contact with medicament.Medicament mixed with water should be consumed immediately. It may be used for one-time consumption only.Protection period: meat -10 days Packaging: 25 g in vacuum metallized sack. Storage:The product should be stored at temperature 15-25°C in dry and well-ventilated place protected from direct sunlight. Only for animals. Only with veterinary prescription.