Mineral oral preparation for prevention and therapy of hypocalcaemia associated with hypomagnesemia

Form of medicament: Colorless to yellowish oral gel of sweet bitter flavour used in cattle and small ruminants. Composition: Effective substance: calcium chloratum, magnesium chloratum. Excipiens: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, propionic acid, demineralized sterilised water. Clinical information:Veterinary product containing calcium used in ruminants. Ideal for gravid animals, during and after parturition. Supports calcium in cases of hypocalcemia, postparturient paresis, eclampsia, milk fever in cows, tetany, urticaria and allergic reactions. Dosing and way of application: Preventive usage: One original pack (500 ml) use twice a day during 2 days before an expected parturition. Also use in day of parturition and one day after. Supportive usage: Twice a day one original pack during 2 - 4 days. In case of postparturient paresis apply 4 - 6 hours and also 24 hours after intravenous application of calcium preparations. Precautions: Overdosing can cause elevation of calcium leading to development of extrasystole and arrhythmia. Avoid using preparation containing caffeine or cardiac glycosides. The use of medicament should be considered in animals with cardiovascular diseases, kidney and liver failure. Do not apply with tetracycline. Shake the bottle before use! Storage: The product should be stored at temperature not above 25°C, protected from the frost and heat. Packaging: 500ml, 1l, 5l in bottle. Only for animals. Without veterinary prescription.