Mineral supplement in liquid form containing the most important macro- and microelements in optimal proportions providing correct development, production and an important physiological prosesses in organism

Form of medicament: Liquid solution of dark brown colour used in cattle,small ruminants, horses, pigs, poultry,rabbits, pigeons and exotic animals. Composition: Effective substance: 1 liter contains: calcium 40g, phosphor 20g, magnesium 1,2g, sodium 2g, potassium 0,5g, iodine 0,4g, iron 0,5g, zinc 0,4g,manganese 0,3g,copper 0,2g, cobalt 0,1g, selenium 0,05g.

Clinical information: Oral solution for small, exotic and large animals that provides intake of the most important microelements and macroelements in an optimal amount for correct structure of the body and important physiological processes in the organism. It is used for optimal growth, quality of reproduction and more intensive egg-laying.It prevents development of rachitis, osteomalatia and dystrophy. It improves metabolism and egg production. Aquamin solution contains high amount of minerals necessary for gravidity and lactation and it is active for higher quality of feather, firm bones, joints and egg shell. Dosing and way of application: Peroral application. Add to drinking water and mix.
Poultry and exotic animals: 0,1-0,2ml per animal a day. Pigs: 1ml per 10kg weight a day. Mammals: 1ml per 10-20kg weight a day. Bulk feeding: 10 ml into 2-3 l of drinking water. At the time of an intensive growth and reconvalescency – double dosage.

Precautions: Mineral supplement. It is not used as full-fledged meal! Softly shake the bottle before use. After opening use until 30 days. Storage: The product should be stored at temperature 15-25°C, protected from the frost. Packaging: 100ml, 1l, 5l, 10l, 25l. Only for animals. Without veterinary prescription.